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هل يحتاج الطلاب إلى برنامج غذائي  في رفع قدرة التركيز والانتباه ؟

Do students need a nutritional program to raise the ability to focus and pay attention?

Mar 12, 2022


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Diet program to increase the ability to focus and pay attention
When you follow a diet program to increase the ability to focus and pay attention, these healthy foods help you to have an excellent ability to focus and this helps you to be a successful person, and there are foods that help you focus and remember and it is important to present them to students during the exam more than others, as students are exposed during the exam Stress and anxiety, which affects their academic performance and concentration
There are foods that help raise focus
There are many foods that help you improve memory and have a better ability to focus, but there are some foods that do this task in a very large way, and this is while eating them continuously on a daily basis, and among these foods
Nuts, especially walnuts, are among the best foods that help raise a person’s concentration levels, because they contain nutrients that contribute to enhancing brain health, especially omega-3 and antioxidants that have a great factor in improving memory and getting rid of any oxidation that negatively affects concentration. It also does not have any harm or affect the body, but you should be careful when eating it if you have an allergy to nuts
High fat fish
These fish significantly help improve mental abilities, as eating fatty fish that contain omega-3 helps to stimulate memory and enhance the function of neurons in the brain that help to enhance memory and memory capacity, and this helps to strengthen memory, which is very important. That is why it is recommended by doctors to eat fish at least twice a week, salmon, sardines or tuna.
Leafy vegetables
Dark leafy vegetables such as broccoli and molokhia, as well as spinach, contain a high percentage of folic acid, which is an important acid for reducing homocysteine ​​in the blood, which is one of the hormones that cause damage to brain cells. It is preferable to eat these vegetables on a daily basis.
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