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We seek to correct the intellectual, nutritional and sports systems through an electronic portal that allows communication between the member and the counselor with love, mutual trust and complete privacy.

Our motto

We improve the quality of life with love by building an enlightened thought and a conscious spirit with a healthy balanced body, so that this is reflected in the beauty of the soul, heart and logic


Mezan Clinical Nutrition Center

A center specialized in the treatment of obesity and underweight at the hands of cadres specialized in clinical nutrition licensed by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, and the diet programs follow the latest findings of the science of clinical nutrition

Kuch Saja Bukhari

Certified nutritionist from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties

Coach Nof Saleh

She holds British international accreditation in life coaching, an internationally accredited practitioner in the field of life coaching

Amal's little coach

Certified life coach and life coach

Coach Ilham Al-Khubari

Certified Practitioner from the British Board of Respiratory Training

Koch Ahed Al-Harbi

The first Saudi teacher from the International School of Laughter Yoga

Awareness Rasis Foundation for Business Services, which is an electronic platform specialized in nutritional, sports and quality of life consultations