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ماهي  يوجا الضحك ؟

What is laughter yoga?

Mar 12, 2022


Rasees3 Company

What is yoga?

We hear many people asking about the ruling on yoga, what is laughter yoga, and other questions

We know laughter yoga as one of the most popular styles of breathing exercises, which aims to increase feelings of joy and cheerfulness.

A laughter yoga session is a series of exercises related to movement and breathing that will help you lift your mood, reduce stress, strengthen your immune system, increase energy levels, improve your quality of life, and will also help you manage hardships better, now with RSYS platform we can help you deal with stressful situations by By promoting optimism and positivity Since you cannot always rely on external influences to make you laugh, learning to laugh on your own can be a valuable and effective tool, with great results. The session will be presented via Zoom, and it is preferable to open the camera to make the most of it

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