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ماذا عن يوجا الضحك بين الأم و أطفالها؟

What about laughter yoga between a mother and her children?

Mar 12, 2022


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Laughter yoga is a mother and her children is a very unique type of yoga that can be practiced by a mother and her children as well, as laughter yoga is a unique practice that combines unconditional laughter with yoga breathing, and people can laugh without relying on humor or jokes, and simulated laughter while looking at others in the group of trainees at the beginning of the training
Information about laughter yoga
This type of yoga is done by using laughter with yoga movements, and it is done in groups that encourage each other, which leads to real laughter, and laughter yoga sessions begin with a light warm-up that includes stretching, clapping, and body movements
Using breathing exercises to prepare the lungs for laughter, followed by a series of groups of laughter that the whole team works with the help of each other to do, and the mother can perform this type of yoga with her young children until she expels the negative energy that they have, and it is a light type of sport that Children can follow
Benefits of laughter yoga
Laughter yoga is one of the types of sports that have many health benefits, both psychologically and physically, and among those benefits
Laughter yoga can change your mood in minutes by releasing endorphins, giving you a good mood and keeping you joyful during the day.
Laughter reduces stress and strengthens the immune system, thus helping to improve health
The brain needs 25% more oxygen in order to function properly, and the exercise of laughter increases the net supply of oxygen to the body and brain, and can improve efficiency and performance, energize and enhance your ability to work
Everyone can laugh in happy moments but laughter yoga teaches people to laugh unconditionally, allows them to laugh even in difficult times, makes them strong over any adversity they may be exposed to, and maintains a positive attitude no matter what circumstances people find themselves in.
It helps the body gain some flexibility, and it also helps stimulate blood circulation in the body, which helps in cell regeneration

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