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ماذا عن يوجا الضحك وكبار السن؟

What about laughter yoga for the elderly?

Feb 19, 2022


Rasees3 Company

Have you ever tried laughter yoga?

You may think that it is a joke, but once you start practicing laughter yoga, you will feel that you are inside a fun and unique experience!

What are the benefits of laughter yoga?

We give laughter a great value in the world of yoga because of its huge positive effect on the human body

And when we associate laughter with yoga, we will feel very happy, and we will feel the benefits of laughter yoga from the first time

Increase heart health, mood and immune system
Burn calories
Relieves anger and pain and relaxes muscles
The natural feeling of happiness
We tend to be more positive

 Through a session held via the Zoom program, we offer you laughter yoga exercises that help improve the emotional state and enhance psychological support for the participants in a fun and spontaneous manner.

In addition to the benefits of laughter yoga that have been mentioned, laughter yoga helps the elderly to improve blood circulation, relieve insomnia, and add an atmosphere of fun.

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