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هل يوجا الضحك مهمه لرواد الأعمال؟

Is laughter yoga important for entrepreneurs?

Feb 19, 2022


Rasees3 Company

Many entrepreneurs miss out on the fun and joy of being so immersed in work?

question here

When was your last laugh?

What is your rate of productivity at work?

Are you ready to feel happier?

The more you listen, the more abundance and more harmony

you're not the only one! You are looking for ways to relax, to find joy in your work and life, and to share positive moments

With your colleagues, friends, and to feel more happy

That is why we offer you Laughter Yoga for Entrepreneurs which is a powerful proven tool that helps entrepreneurs reduce stress in the workplace and create a happy and energetic workforce.

Here's what science has learned about the benefits of practicing laughter yoga

It increases longevity and fights stress-related diseases
Reduces the risk of psychological and physiological disorders, high blood pressure and heart problems
Significantly lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol
Significantly lowers heart rate and blood pressure
It stimulates right brain activity, which is the seat of creativity, which helps generate new ideas
Increases interest and focus in professional development training
During the session we practice breathing exercises, laughter and meditation

Laughter yoga teacher

The era of war

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