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Breathing training

Feb 14, 2022


Rasees3 Company

training on breathing, Important very to health the body Mental the organic, where Prepare breathing he beginning life And its end when Stop on Taking air, And we explain in lines coming from this the article number from ways Featured which Advise with it many from the doctors, in  treatment a lot from positions that Pass We in Our life daily, and importance exercises training on breathing . 

Breathing training

no There is what maybe verb To prevent any stress External from the influence in Psychological individuals, where We face many from pressures daily, in all Moment, And in all place, on way example hustle in Transportation And roads the public, stand up in any a line to spend an interest character . 

And from Okay get on some Comforts, must from a job Breathing slow for five times Consecutive, where Obtain from during this the exercise on to organize beats heart . 

as need for process breathing in times the fear different, And count from positions that no Meets on her Most persons, where there from afraid heights and others no effect on him, And you can Procedure Breathing slow and in depth, in order to Calm down from Speed breathing during moments the fear that face you, And it helps that on reduction Stress and makes the body in condition Relax . 

Breathing to relieve medical treatment

help drills on breathing, Persons Whose suffer from illnesses cancer, And that from during a job same from the nose long,  and keep it inside the lungs For some gasp then take it out from the nose Once other quietly, And from the important repetition this the exercise for more from Once during today the one And for a while no Increase on a fourth hour, Than decrease from Feeling concerned and stress when the patient, and makes way to sleep easier, with belittle from feelings negative private with treatment the chemist in cases Patients cancer, where affected all corn in their body before their psychology with treatment the intensive . 

The importance of knowing the types of breathing exercises

must that We get to know on Shapes the different for exercises breathing, which agree in all Of which on Taking air on road the nose and take it out, but she Different in road Taking self and duration that Complete its consumption during that, And from the benefits many that We get on her from during That Exercises : 

get on amount from oxygen and distribute it via Right . 

Directed by Gas second oxide carbon harmful . 

Adjust number beats heart .

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