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يوغا الضحك رياضة تحسن من حالتك الصحية والنفسية

Laughter yoga is a sport that improves your health and psychological condition

Jan 15, 2022


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“When you laugh, you change. When you change, the world around you changes.” 
A profound phrase to begin with in my talk to Dr. Madan Kataria about the profound impact that laughter has on an individual’s life, and its great ability to improve the quality of your life and your psychological and physical condition. This is how the idea of ​​the Laughter Yoga movement began from India.
What is laughter yoga?
Laughter yoga is a new type of sport that is full of fun and childhood, and is unique in that it combines exercises
Breathing, meditation and laughter without relying on jokes and humor, only through the idea of ​​contagious laughter
The foundations of this movement d. Madan Kataria when  Read about the importance of laughter to relieve physical and mental pain
He cannot differentiate between a natural laugh and an artificial one, and that the mind responds to it in the same way
Then he decided to start the movement of laughter yoga with 5 of his friends until it developed and became in more than 150 countries around the world
Why laughter yoga?
1- The importance of deep belly laughter, as our daily laughter is very superficial and insufficient
As studies have shown that we need 10-15 minutes of laughter daily to improve our health
2- I like to classify laughter into two types, healthy and unhealthy
a. Healthy laughter comes from the heart, with or without a reason
B. Unhealthy laughter is filled with bullying of others or ridicule of those around us
The movement of laughter yoga is a method that supports the promotion of healthy laughter in our daily lives
3- Its ease and effect on the body, mind, and soul, as it achieves balance on all levels
Benefits of laughter yoga?
...its benefits are too many
1- It raises the dopamine hormone, which raises your happiness and psychological comfort
2- Every belly laugh burns 3.5 calories, in one sitting it burns approx
 300-400 calories
3- The movement of blood circulation is renewed, and the body becomes healthier and more energetic
4- It raises the rate of oxygen in the body and brain by twenty-five percent
5- Naturally stimulates endorphins to relieve pain
6- Its quick ability to improve your daily mood, and the most beautiful thing is that when you get used to laughing, it becomes a habit and a way of life for you
Life deserves to make a happy, joyful story out of it for us and those around us
The era of war
The first Saudi teacher of laughter yoga

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