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High blood pressure treatment

Sep 17, 2021


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Many people these days have high blood pressure and many questions come to them about this matter, especially when eating and drinking. For example, one of the common questions in this matter is, does cinnamon lower or raise blood pressure? There is a simple clarification, as cinnamon, if it is drunk and concentrated, it raises blood pressure and we are supposed to reduce it. But if it is added to food, such as chicken and vegetables, then there is nothing wrong with it.

It is advised for people with high blood pressure to stay away from saturation, the saturation that comes from eating sugar and salt, and that is by avoiding potato chips, salty nuts, pickles, Chinese nuts, and fast food, as these foods contain many salts that contribute to high blood pressure easily and quickly.

It must be established to prevent pressure from childhood, so we make sure that our children stay away from chips, nuts and fast food because when the salts in them accumulate in the child’s body, blood pressure diseases begin, and it is also advised to stay away from sugars because they are a saturating factor, sugars found in soft drinks and industrial juice And white sugar, sweets, mayonnaise and ketchup in large quantities

Lymph fluid and blood, when saturated with sugar and salt cannot expand sufficiently, the cells shrink and are not isolated enough, and the heart does not work well, so the body gives you a message, the message of saturation is high blood pressure, in my opinion there is no disease called high blood pressure, but rather it is a message like Eczema, vitiligo and acne

High blood pressure is a message from the body, and taking blood pressure pills does not solve the problem. Rather, the problem must be solved from the ground up by ridding the body of saturation, by making a diet of sugar and salt, for at least 40 days, and replacing salt with lemon and sugar with honey and fruits.

And when a person gets satiated, he becomes lethargic, lethargic, and frustrated, and he cannot work, study, or do a project of his own, even if he wanted to paint a picture that he would not complete, because his body from the inside is not obeying him. If there is a defect in it, you have to help your body so that it can help you. Help your body and your mind and your spirit help you. Even the soul rusts if you neglect your body. A healthy mind and a healthy spirit reside in a healthy body.

Blood pressure is a message from your body that you have sugar and salt saturation, and you have to stick to a healthy diet, and we have to take care of the kidneys because they are a major station in our bodies and have a relationship between the kidneys, the bladder, and the heart in the rise or fall of blood pressure

High blood pressure is dangerous, and you have to balance it quickly, and I do not recommend resorting to medication because you will become a prisoner of medication. Rather, you have to resort to your own body by correcting its nutritional and health errors in order to reach safety and recovery.


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Nutritional advisor

Muhammad Omar Abu Rashid



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