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تليّف الرحم وتكيّس المبايض

Uterine fibrosis and ovarian cysts

Sep 11, 2021


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Fibrosis of the uterus and polycystic ovaries. There are thousands of questions that arise about fibrosis of the uterus and polycystic ovaries, and we always have to look towards two issues. First, we look at contraceptive medicine. This contraceptive medicine has not been produced by civilization that is worse or worse than a medicine such as contraceptive medicine, and unfortunately it is given To the female at marriage in order to prevent pregnancy, and it is given to the unmarried female in order to prevent or end the polycystic ovaries, or it is given to the female because of a defect in the menstrual cycle

These grains may be given to some crops and vegetables in order to enlarge the vegetables or fruits, and this happens in some orchards, where they take expired contraceptive drugs and dissolve them at a rate of seven grains in every 10 liters of water, and water them for the plants in order to increase their size, for example cucumbers if they are Its weight is a gram, which becomes half a kilo

As well as watermelon and pumpkin, unfortunately, a watermelon is three kilos becomes 10 kilos, to the point where one of our friends told us that cucumbers started to grow in his fridge, cucumbers grew in the fridge as a result of these hormones that are from birth control pills, and unfortunately they are also given to people who want to lose weight

Or those who have psychological problems, they give them contraceptive pills or pills for infections in the skin and other things

There are many solutions. First, contraceptive pills affect the liver, disrupt hormones, which can be one of the causes of tumors in the breast, uterus, and ovaries. Frequent use of these pills leads to migraine headaches, and contraceptive pills inevitably lead to depression. It also causes psychological sensitivity, and this female becomes very sensitive to birth control pills

The second factor that must be considered is non-original cosmetic powders and cosmetic creams, especially the Chinese ones. These contain lead, even lipstick pencils contain lead. Lead is directly absorbed by the skin through the liver and affects estrogen, the hormone, and there are substances that plump the lips. Cheeks augmentation, forehead augmentation, ear augmentation, reduction or enlargement, all of these substances are full of hormones, they contain hormonal substances, metholin, a plastic substance that affects the hormone and creates an imbalance in the hormone and any imbalance in the hormone causes the body to send a message through the cyst, the cyst comes from The egg, it does not explode, and the menstrual cycle comes, so it does not explode, or it explodes and comes with it a second egg, one that comes out and the other remains, and the body cysts it and causes harm

And it becomes a depot of toxins, it becomes a waste basket for the body, and after a period of one to five months it turns into a tumor, and this tumor is a type of cyst in the uterus

Uterine fibrosis is also similar to a cyst, due to the absence of the special mechanism in the uterus of contraction and expansion, and the relationship between estrogen, prolactin and progesterone, which becomes defective and the uterus enters into a state of fibrosis.

In terms of nutrition, there are many causes such as: too much cheese leads to cysts and fibrosis, and too much milk, so the patient must stop eating cheese and milk for at least 6 months, and all meat causes acids and soft drinks, fast food, fried potatoes, potato chips , chicken broth cubes to eat

All of this constitutes factors that help cysts and fibrosis with birth control pills, if they are present or sometimes they are not present, it is not a condition that they are present for this problem to occur.

To help get rid of both problems, we must look first: a herb called marjoram, which we drink with the presence of mint, two cups a day, second: carrot juice, third: boiled green beans with onions, fourth: zucchini, one zucchini forms a plate of antioxidants, an antioxidant Natural vitality, useful for the tonsils, neck, chest, cyst and fibrosis, and we stay away from everything acidic, and reduce fruits, especially juicy fruits such as: oranges

We take the grains with their husks, we eat white radishes, every day with the salad, and this white radish when eaten, we can also eat red radish with its leaves, raw cabbage leaves every day

Unwrapped chromium is small. This also helps us get rid of cysts and uterine fibrosis. We look strategically and see cheap makeup materials that contain lead and hormones. We move away from them. We get lead-free things, because lead affects fibrosis, affects cysts, and affects breasts. A cyst may occur in the breast, and the girl should be very careful about these things, because they cause severe and irreversible damage.


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Nutritional advisor

Muhammad Omar Abu Rashid

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