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Study and focus

Sep 04, 2021


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The student who starts with the beginning of the school year has the greatest chance that he starts setting a schedule for him. First, he reduces the use of the phone, the iPad, and the laptop. The time of the phone and the iPad must be reduced. The plan is that during school days we do not use these devices, and if we must use them for only two hours, we use them for holidays. Because these rays emanating from these devices weaken the value of perception in the real world and involve it in a virtual world. This virtual world reduces the value of the fabrics of the value of information.

And if the study was on the computer, set specific hours for studying on it. The mind and the brain are associated with studying these hours for you and not playing or correspondence, then the brain is associated with the study.

Any male or female student, whatever the academic year, if they want to prove the information at the beginning of the school year and excel, they must use marginal papers and marginal notebooks, which are called drafts, neither memorizing nor focusing, and we cannot prove the information correctly unless the student has a piece of paper in his hand. And a pen, and no concentration, and the information cannot be proven correctly unless the student has a paper and a pen in his hand, whatever the material is, whether it is literary or scientific, chemical or mathematical equations. There is no student studying without his hand having a paper and a draft pen. I say until they get excel; Because the mind is when you send it a message that this year, God willing, it will reach excellence. You have nine months of study. Nine months means that the mind can digest more information than the class you are studying now.

The mind has tremendous value and power, and its segments, pineal gland, and spider web in the veins of the brain can accommodate much more than that. Bad because the brain is like a muscle if you exercise it at the beginning of the school year, this brain will have a higher absorptive capacity, and if you do not exercise this brain it will become low, like a muscle your muscles must be exercised to get them strong for example if there is a tournament after three months it must You train before the tournament from six, seven, eight, nine months a year until you have good muscles for athletics, swimming, etc. Also, the brain needs daily training, daily training on memorization, deduction and conclusion until you reach a good result. As for the process of accumulation, there will be scientific rust, rust in The ability to absorb and focus in the brain, and you could never get over this

Especially if you have a language to learn with your materials or you are traveling to a country studying a second language, this must be a first-hand, because the brain takes the information and stores it first-hand and accumulates it over the days, so the second step is paper, pen and a draft even when it is in the first grade, for example if they want to They draw the letter and write the information in the studies inside the house. He must hold a paper and a pen and study. He studies with a paper and a pen in drafts, other than the one he writes in school. The school asks him, for example, an equation. ? Today we took five lessons, the five consist of five different subjects, in the first lesson it is necessary to hold a paper and a pen, and the paper and the pen is a material sense that enters you the five senses, these five senses if you receive the information through it by yourself, you can absorb it 70 percent While if it is without paper and a pen, just holding the book, it is only 5% - 10%. It cannot prove the information. But if there is a lecturer or a teacher in front of me and I want to absorb the information and absorb the lesson, I do not hold the pen or hold a paper. I work with my hands empty, and all my focus is on the teacher; The reason is that when I hold a pen and the teacher is explaining, this sense of touch is lost from you. I mean, the sense of touch affects the sense of mental comprehension energetically, so you cannot follow the teacher.

You may say that you put down the pen and labored with the same comprehension as holding the pen. This is your external perception. Your subconscious perception is not like that. In the subconscious mind it is the one that turns the information around and transforms it into a certain vibration that is stored in your memory. This storage must be separated, that is, your five senses are with the teacher. With the teacher with the lecturer and giving you the lesson while you are listening, do not chew gum or slap in the window or hold a pen or hold a phone or a specific piece of paper, there will be a separation in the concentration ratio, because the brain has a very large capacity that can absorb a complete research in less than seven minutes if What is really focused, the more you train your brain daily on this speech, you will become on the first school day until you complete the five lessons, after a week the two hours will shrink to an hour, because the brain has been trained, after three weeks you will digest in half an hour, after a month you will digest in ten minutes, because the brain path

This is in addition to the accumulation, which means the first day we take the first lessons that we took, and when the second day comes we take the new lessons that we took, and if there are no new lessons we take the first and second lessons. This revision is called the vortex pits and a black hole in the brain that swallows the information inside

If you know the unknown and get used to the unknown, it becomes your friend

The next issue is food. Food has the greatest role because it is not possible to build muscles without protein, and the mind also needs protein, phosphorus, carbohydrates and potassium. The first substance that builds your brain is dates, never leave dates, and the best time to eat dates is the morning. Also, breakfast in the morning is the main pillar of understanding and focus, because staying without breakfast gives you understanding, but it is instantaneous absorption, but when things accumulate and you want to retrieve information, you will not be able to retrieve it except with a few. And you will need time, except that the student, if he does not eat breakfast, will be exposed to anemia, because he depends on thinking and the brain, and using them draws more iron than what a person who works with his hands uses, working with the brain and thinkers and those who get anxious and brainstorming. He uses it for muscular work, so he needs a lot of iron, but any iron, but rather the iron found in dates, for example, especially those whose color tends to be black, the percentage of iron is high, as it feeds red blood cells hemoglobin, the brain needs them to enter and activate memory and you have the readiness to study With a larger area and a greater depth of understanding, this is a must for a good breakfast

If you do not have diabetes, eat 7 dates, and if you have sugar, take one to three dates, according to your sugar

Secondly , almonds, it must be raw, because almonds strengthen the nerves of the brain, and this brain incites to focus more. It has been scientifically proven, according to research, that students who never eat breakfast will have weakness in their eyes. Because when your body becomes hungry, this brain lacks sugar, but not that sugar that comes from chocolate and sweets, sugar that comes from divine creation, dates, fruits, carrot juice in the morning.

If the student goes without breakfast, the brain begins to need sugar, and the eyes begin to weaken because it needs sugar. It begins to weaken, dizzy, headache, and confusion. Sugar feeds the brain, vision, and the senses are moved by the brain, so this lack of the brain decreases the whole body.

If the age is under 21 years old, it is preferable to drink a cup of milk, an apple or a banana, and if you cannot eat all of this, dates and almonds are sufficient with drinking water, which is responsible for moving all these vital processes that you will use to focus, and after going to school take a sandwich and some things with you Do not take canned juices, do not eat chocolate in the morning, and do not take chocolate to school at all, because the cocoa substance contains iszoleic acid, which hinders some things to take the calcium required for the movement of the gland and metabolism from the thyroid gland to the blood circulation in the brain, so stay away from it. Many children who take sugars with them to school become hyperactive, and therefore focus decreases, and the greater the hyperactivity and movement, the less the concentration. . It is preferable to fruits and natural juice, and it is preferable to stay away from potato chips because it acts as a viscosity in the blood

Also eat raisins and figs, also drink rosemary, to focus and memorize, this is in terms of breakfast

As for other health aspects, there is neither concentration nor memorization with constipation. Every student must solve the problem of constipation, eat figs, drink a spoonful of sesame oil, drink water, because concentration and constipation do not meet with each other, and constipation and excellence do not meet with each other, and many students suffer from headaches It comes because you did not break the fast, and if you break the fast, it is not healthy, such as artificial sugars. Your body needs natural sugars and iron. To stimulate the brain, a spoonful of honey with a cup of water

Attention should be paid to breakfast in order to avoid deterioration in the brain, headache, weakness and confusion of the eyes, and for lunch, eat home lunch and increase the amount of power. For sleep, it is preferable to take a nap between noon and afternoon and no longer than an hour so that you do not become lazy, because afternoon sleep harms the mind and damages the brain, memorization and focus. You have to sleep. Between noon and afternoon, after school, rest a little, eat lunch, and take a nap an hour before afternoon, to start taking sugary food such as honey and raisins, and then study from afternoon to sunset, and after dinner, he takes a rest for his brain, and tries to walk a little

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