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إن سقطت .... أسقط للأمام

If you fall...fall forward

Aug 15, 2021


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Life attracts us between binary (positive and negative), the first stations full of joy, happiness  brilliance, creativity, giving, beauty, ambitions and hopes

The second is associated with undesirable feelings and attitudes

Who wants to be sad, depressed, or hopeless...?

Human aspirations and hopes fluctuate between these two strange dualities

If he achieves it, achieves it, and translates it into a living reality, he is overwhelmed with positivity in all its meanings, and if he fails to do so, he finds himself drowning in the mire of negativity, despair, and their repercussions.

A sane, conscious person must realize that his negativity if it is prolonged  It destroys much of his human being, weakens the soul and body, and builds nothing for him

Great successes come from  Deep fractures in life, with a slight difference that these fractures have been surrounded, transformed, directed and controlled, and this requires  Desire, will and determination

Just as there is pain in breaking and falling, and getting up from them is majesty, greatness, pride, and making success.

The saying “ The real failure is when you stop trying   What is only a call for continuity armed with hope

Therefore, do not be negative, rob yourself of the joy of life and rob it of others. Do not be wreckage, rubble, and if you fall... fall forward and rise again, then continue.  

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Amina Rayes

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