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العقل والروح والجسد

Mind, soul and body

Aug 07, 2021


Rasees3 Company

Whoever cares about his body without his mind and soul ends up panting after his desires and lusts like an animal whose only concern is its fodder.
And whoever takes care of his mind without the body and soul ends up in depression and sadness without interdependence, love and intimacy
He who cares about the spirit, rather than the mind and the body, will destroy what God entrusted him with of the grace of the body, just as he neglects his duties of managing his livelihood and caring for those under his care.
The mind, the soul and the body are one entity, so no corner can evolve without the other. When your thought is elevated, your body is healthy, and when your body is healthy, a pure and pure spirit that does not know wickedness at all, and from here lies the integrity of the mind, soul and body.
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Ali Al Issa

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