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الملح : أنواعه، وفوائده وأضراره

Salt: types, benefits and harms

Sep 23, 2021


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Salt is the element that sits on our tables every day, and it is the active member of the white diamond energy in all our daily meals, but we do not know much about it, so we will learn more about it through this article.

Sea salt is mainly extracted from sea water. This water was taken and placed in pits of sand and left to dry in the sun. After it dries, impurities are removed from it, and thus these impurities are separated and this salt is transferred directly to the dining table.

The color of the salt is the raw form, and it is a white color tinged with yellow, but after extracting the salt and separating it from the impurities, it becomes white, but not bright, but dull

As for the salt that is found on our tables, it is rock salt and some of it is sea salt. This salt is basically refined and the pharmaceutical industrial iodine was placed on it, which means that this salt is medicinal and not the natural salt that came from the sea and was dried in natural ways and then separated, even if in a way through laboratories or factories. Therefore, it contains an amount of iodine, and this salt, I think, is more harmful than any other salt, because it comes from the mountains first, meaning rocky and not sea, because sea salt automatically contains a high level of iodine, even sea salt is refined with bleaching materials, and this harms the quality of the salt.

As for the difference in benefits between both, there is a very big difference, because sea salt is saturated with iodine and saturated with natural mineral salts and electrolytes, while rock salt that comes from the mountains has a small percentage of iodine, but the percentage of rock salt leads to more deposits in the kidneys than it is. In sea salt, rock salt or that which comes from the mountains is useful for magnets, foot soaks, in order to relieve fatigue and kill fungus between the toes, while sea salt is preferred to be for the table

Thus, the best for use is sea salt, but on the condition that it is natural, and it is advised to reduce salt as little as possible, because the more we reduce salt, this contributes to preserving the heart muscle, preserving the kidneys, and maintaining the level of blood pressure, and we use lemon as an alternative to salt

In the end, I advise you to reduce the use of salt and stay away from fried things that contain a large amount of salt, and stay away from potato chips and fast food that contain large amounts of sodium and refined salt, which leads to many damages, in addition to that the higher the percentage of salt, the greater the obesity.

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Muhammad Omar Abu Rashid

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