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Diet honey

Oct 02, 2021


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Many people wonder about the fact that there is this type of honey (diet) that is suitable for diabetics, or for those who follow a diet or a specific diet, or to reduce their weight. Low-calorie) such as soft drinks or some jams, etc

My point of view is that bee honey is collected by worker bees from the nectar of flowers or fruits or artificial feeding (sugars). The honey of bees produced from the flowers of plants varies in composition according to the type of plant and its content of other compounds, especially enzymes. You may have honey with a very high glucose level as a result of bees feeding on commercial glucose only or on grape fruits containing only glucose sugar. This type of monosaccharide needs insulin to enter the cell, in addition to the fact that blood sugar (glucose) is transmitted directly, and it is not suitable for diabetics and dieters.

You may have high-fructose honey from bees feeding on high-fructose corn syrup. It is true that fructose is not fully metabolized in the body through metabolism (metabolism) and insulin is not needed to enter it into the cell, but here it is from artificial feeding so the benefit is not complete, and it is considered poor quality honey or honey resulting from industrial feeding that contains other sugars or a mixture of them or fruits that contain on sugars

In a research conducted on a group of volunteers, they were given only honey and milk for six months, and after the period ended, they did not lose anything from their weight, only they had a deficiency in vitamin C. If they ate an orange daily, it would suffice. Honey and milk complement each other with what they contain of carbohydrates, fats and protein . and fatty acids. Of course, this experiment proved that honey is a nutritional supplement to milk

Following a diet for the purpose of losing weight requires prudence and not recklessness by following a very harsh diet, which affects human health. If honey is included in the diet, some may be surprised, as honey is 80% of it sugars and increases weight. But we say honey is food and medicine. Following a diet may expose the body to some organic diseases as a result of low immunity. Bee honey fortifies the body, raises immunity, and rids the body of toxins. Natural honey is a detoxifier by helping the body’s organs such as the liver and kidneys to get rid of some toxins

In order to prove the types of honey suitable for diet or diet, it is necessary to ensure that this type of honey is natural and that the bees are fed on wild flowers and not artificially fed with sugar or fruits. A research is also being conducted on a group of volunteers to find out the diabetes index, which is the extent of its effect on high blood glucose. It is also compared with other foods, and the energy that we get from every 100 gm of honey is calculated based on the analysis of honey, the identification of its components, the quality of sugars in it, and the percentage of moisture.

There is no type of honey that reduces weight , as some claim, but one type of honey may be preferred over another based on its composition. Bananas and the like, of course, will reduce weight

The source is the book Atlas of Honey Bees

to a nutritional advisor

for the dr. Ibrahim Abdullah Al-Arifi

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