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Gout diet

Jul 22, 2021


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What is gout? What are the symptoms of this disease? How can it be treated? And how can we prevent it? We will learn the answer to these and other interesting questions after reading this article

Many of the diseases that people afflict are nothing but a message to them from their bodies of the imbalance that has accumulated inside, and gout is an example of these messages. From sleep or after a long sitting, the reason for these symptoms is that the concentrated proteins and amino acids have increased and exceeded the limit, so the body begins to work to get rid of the unreasonable limit, and thus acid crystals arose that were deposited by gravity under the feet from under the surface of the skin and thus gave a nerve signal by blowing the feet It is a third stage, or with simple pain, which is the first stage, or with heat inside the feet during sleep, which is the middle stage

Now someone might be wondering where does this uric acid, or gout, come from?

It comes from several things, first: from the accumulation of protein resulting from eating red meat exclusively, and second: from eating cheese in all its forms, white or yellow, all types of cheese raise uric acid, third: poultry and fish after we have learned about the high uric acid And symptoms began to appear. We must stop eating poultry and fish for at least three weeks. Fourth: Ghee. Many people only cook their food with ghee or butter, and both have ingredients that raise uric acid quickly. Fifth: vegetable proteins such as: lentils, peas, and chickpeas. And beans, everyone who gets uric acid must stay away from them, and this abstinence is a partial abstinence, starting from two weeks to forty days after that, he can return to eating these options, but on two conditions, the first: to be a few far apart, and the second: to move

So, one of the first things that help burn uric acid or what is called gout is movement. Walking an hour a day can burn everything that is stored inside the body within two or three weeks, and some may say that they cannot walk because the feet are basically swollen, so start dieting and moving. If the movement is limited to the hands and feet while you are sitting on the chair, and in addition to movement and diet, you should drink plenty of water throughout the day and take a cup of warm water in the morning on an empty stomach.

The other factor is watermelon. Every summer home should have watermelon. Bring watermelon and eat a large piece of red and white pulp at least daily. Those who have high uric acid or blood pressure alike should eat more watermelon; Because it works to balance high and low blood pressure, the low one raises it to the normal level and the high one reduces it to the normal level, and this process must be continuous because the watermelon takes the principle of time accumulation, ten days and fifteen days until you get a result, so whoever wants to solve the upcoming crystals From gout it red watermelon

The next factor is cherries, in which God Almighty created natural chemicals that work to disintegrate gout crystals and migrate them out of the body, and it has a greater effect if it is eaten in the morning on an empty stomach. Its color tends to red, and the more plump the cherry, the better it is than the small, light cherry, and the fuller and darker the cherry looks, the more antioxidants it contains, which works to expel toxins from the body, and is also beneficial for rheumatism, diabetes, cancer patients, and patients Epilepsy and those who suffer from obesity, it helps to get full if it is on an empty stomach

Also from the important information about cherries, you should not throw away the cherry sticks, we can boil them and drink them. It helps to dissolve gout from the blood, cells, and intestines, and it comes out through sweating. It also helps, God willing, to treat urinary infections, bladder infections, and deposits deposited in the kidneys, bladder, and intestines. The ureter works to stimulate the liver

It is best, and in order to obtain the greatest benefit from all fruits, to eat them in their season, and not frozen or frozen. Cherries and red watermelon are two fruits that if they meet at one table and eat on an empty stomach, this works to withdraw and remove toxins from your body that come from protein foods and works to activate the cells of your body. Especially in the summer and heat. Especially that uric acid rises in the body in the summer, because the crystals are in an aqueous medium of plasma fluid, so when the body sweats in the summer heat, it loses a quantity of water and the whole body shrinks because the heat is intense, so this crystalline salt substance is concentrated, and uric acid or gout rises, and to dilute it and get rid of it we need For red watermelon and cherry

Also, one of the summer fruits that begins to appear at the end of August is the pomegranate. Eating pomegranate works to remove uric acid to the outside and activates the natural cells of your body. This fruit has great merit in eliminating diseases inherent in the body, such as: cholesterol and triglycerides . And gout, rheumatism, and cancerous diseases, so you should not leave any table in the summer without these useful and healthy fruits.

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Muhammad Omar Abu Rashid

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