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dinner effect

Jul 09, 2021


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Many people may wonder when they read this title, what is the effect of dinner? And does dinner really have any effect? Is this effect negative or positive? We will know the answer to these and other questions after reading this article
Dinner and how do you know what dinner is? It happened and there is nothing wrong with it. Many people treat dinner as their main meal, so they get busy working all day and may eat breakfast only, and then they go home and start cooking fatty meals with oil, obesity and carbohydrates such as pasta or rice. So they cook kabsa with meat or kabsa with chicken, and countless options are full of fats, oils and meat of all kinds, and after eating immediately they go to sleep, and this is the scourge of the largest societies at the present time; Because by sleeping like this immediately after dinner, the stomach will ferment all the food in it, so you wake up with laziness, lethargy, and fatigue, and more than this and that may happen, as many people, God forbid, have suffered from strokes, pressure, diabetes, and many diseases from these mistakes, and they do not harm the body, but rather kill it, such as Eat dinner and sleep after it
Now someone might ask, so I never dine? No, my friend, you can eat dinner and go out to events and eat, but you must be wise in that and do not sleep until after at least four hours, and if there are other options other than meat and rice, it is preferable to eat from them, and if you eat meat and rice, let it be a small amount, and eat his weakness of vegetables and salads; Because salads contain enzymes that digest meat faster than it was
What many do not know is that meat is one of the stubborn foods when digested, it remains for more than 12 hours to 24 hours until it gets rid of it, 24 hours and the body transmits toxins from the meat while you are asleep and awake, while the salad needs only 3 hours, so if we must eat a little From the meat, we add vegetables to them in abundance, and we stay awake for four hours, and we walk during them for half an hour, if at home
Why do I have to stay awake for more than four hours, and why do I have to take a short walk after dinner? Because all joint diseases, depression, eczema, alopecia, pigmentation, pressure, gout, gland, albumin, etc., where do they come from? Is it germs and viruses? No, but from this nutritional imbalance, nothing like eating has killed us, especially eating at night. You have many options to make your dinner good and healthy, such as chicken breast, salads and simple sandwiches.
Dinner is the most dangerous thing possible for a person, even from medicine, and this talk is important for patients as well, such as patients with vitiligo and cancer.
Usually people in urban Levant dine, Makdous, olives, chickpeas and cheese, sometimes eggs and sometimes not, sweetness and a pot of tea, this is harmful, because it contains sugars, oils and harmful substances
This works on many diseases, such as pressure, stroke, arteries, cholesterol, tinnitus, vitiligo, hair loss, knee pain and osteoporosis. You put poison and sleep, then you wake up with nausea, dizziness, lethargy and laziness.
A person eats dinner and sleeps, wakes up without strength, feels tired, and has a bad mood. Bad mood is a message telling you that your colon is tired. We receive thousands of messages, most of which are that there is something wrong with our diet and our healthy life. Now, before any other time, stop dinner completely, because prevention is better. of a quintal of treatment
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Nutritional advisor
Muhammad Omar Abu Rashid

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