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فوائد العسل الطبية والغذائية

Medicinal and nutritional benefits of honey

May 05, 2021


د. إبراهيم عبدالله العريفي

Medicinal and nutritional benefits of honey

- Honey compensates for the lack of necessary sugars that occur as a result of physical or mental effort, because honey contains glucose sugar, which is easy to absorb and quickly metabolize in the body, and fructose sugar, which is slow to absorb, so it works to maintain the level of blood sugar.


- Honey is useful in treating digestive disorders, because it is resistant to digestive fermentation on the one hand and increases the activity of the intestines on the other hand.


Honey is a high-value food because it contains sugars, vitamins, yeasts, and mineral elements. Research by the Pasteur Institute in Paris has shown that one kilogram of honey benefits the body equivalent to 3.5 kilograms of meat and 12 kilograms of vegetables.


Honey is a successful treatment for some skin injuries. It is used as an ointment to relieve pain and speed up the healing of tissues in all types of wounds. It has also been used in many cases of burns and has given good results.


Studies at the Universities of Bologna and Italy on liver disease indicated the ability of honey to strengthen and revitalize the liver.


Honey strengthens the heart, raises low blood pressure and balances high pressure because it contains many types of important mineral elements and increases hemoglobin in the blood. It also increases the weights of weak children, if used daily at a rate of 30 grams.


- In many researches that were conducted on some diabetics, it was found that their consumption of honey reduced the level of sugar in some of them to its normal rate. The high levels of sugars or the presence of oxidized substances in honey (catalase) make the assimilation of sugar easier in the body, so it does not appear in high levels in the blood.


Honey relaxes the body and this is useful in the case of insomnia, it has been observed that eating a spoonful of honey in the morning helps to sleep peacefully and quickly in the evening, but in the case of severe insomnia, an American doctor advised eating two teaspoons of honey immediately before bedtime to help get rid of it.


Honey improves the growth of bones and teeth, and many experiments were conducted on some animals, which showed positive results and a significant improvement in the growth of their bones and teeth.


Honey is included in many gargles and cough medicines due to its soothing effect. It increases the secretions of the salivary glands in the mouth, facilitates the swallowing process, and is useful in cases of dry chest and dry cough.

- Honey is considered a complete food for pregnant women during pregnancy and for children over the age of 12 months, for fear (those under this age are at risk of Botchiellini poisoning because their immune system is incomplete). It is also an important food for anti-aging and for athletes in increasing the energy needed for muscular efforts.


The honey bee book

Dr. Ibrahim Abdullah Al-Arifi.

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