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تمرين التقبل

Acceptance exercise

Apr 29, 2021


لايف كوتش أمل الصغير

: ask a question

1- What is something you would like to be free from? Record a list by brainstorming (people, events, places, things, thoughts, feelings)

2- Take one from the list Ask what message he came to put in my life and the journey of my soul? Without answering accurately and be deep here Here you are giving another positive meaning to the existence of that thing

3. Begin by recalling or experiencing that object as you repeat the positive lesson with gratitude

4- Repeat and live with it without resistance

5- Are you ready to be free from it completely now without resistance and you are tolerant for you and for your own soul and for your own journey>

Forgiveness does not mean that you restore the relationship, nor does it mean that you love him. It simply means that you get rid of the feeling of anger towards him because you have absorbed the message that he came into your life for and left him to his Creator and his own experience and left to bridge a new life that your soul came to live.

Take the next one on the list also without resistance
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