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برنامج غذائي لموازنه الذكوره والانوثه

Diet program to balance masculinity and femininity

Jun 20, 2023


Rasees3 Company

A diet to regulate hormones . It is well known that most diets do not differentiate between a very important factor, which is not taking into account the difference between the male weight loss method and the female weight loss method, due to the different nature of the male and female hormones.
What is the best hormone-regulating drink?
Indeed, there are many herbs that help regulate the body's hormones, knowing that they are not a cure, but rather a means to treat any imbalance in the human body, whether for men or women, and among these herbs circulated among all:  
Licorice is one of the herbs that helps in increasing the health of the respiratory system, and it also has an effective and strong role in getting rid of the feeling of anxiety and constant tension, in addition to being used in the manufacture of some medicines that treat hormonal disorders, and this indicates the extent of its effect in regulating male and female hormones However, it should be taken in moderate quantities and not overdo it
Green tea
The benefits of green tea during dieting are well known, as it contains important antioxidants for males and females, in addition to that it regulates metabolism and helps stimulate it naturally and safely for the body, so it has become one of the main herbs responsible for regulating body hormones.
Turmeric and estrogen
Turmeric is the most powerful herb for regulating male and female hormones, as it is one of the herbs that helps in treating many infections that the body is exposed to, in addition to that it has a strong role in women in particular, because it helps relieve menstrual pain.
Treatment for mixing hormones with water
Is this true that there is a treatment for mixing hormones with water?? Yes, it is necessary to adhere to a nutritional program to balance masculinity and femininity, and this is done by consuming water periodically throughout the day, as water is one of the basic factors in the human body that helps maintain the balance of blood circulation, in addition to that it helps in pumping blood in a parallel manner to all organs of the body Such as the brain, liver, kidneys, and others

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